The International Business and Economic Research Academy (IBERA) is an international lobby based on two different offices located in Paris and London. IBERA is the largest Business and Economic society from over 60 countries with over 1000 international members. IBERA is a non-profit association that encompasses an international network of academics, researchers, and other business and economic key stakeholders (CEO, Directors, Member of the Board of Directors…), dedicated to exchanging experiences and debuting cutting-edge research in Business Administration and Economics.


⇒Vision of IBERA⇐

The International Business and Economic Research Academy works to develop the society through :


Communication exchange,

Managerial skills development,

Business development,

Entrepreneurship development,

Business innovation,

International lobbying and collaboration

⇒Mission of IBERA⇐

The International Business and Economic Research Academy contributes to progress of business and economic fields through research and managerial excellence. IBERA strives to be an important knowledge conduit via its international network, academic journals, international conferences and bespoke consultancy and training services.

In addition, IBERA works to develop the entrepreneurship culture and practice in developed and developing countries.

The Core Values of IBERA 

Create Knowledge
Spread Knowldge
Build Network
Exchange Opportunities
Career Development
Research Development

IBERA Membership

IBERA is an international network organization in the world that focusing on collaboration and exchange of experience, research, business and academic opportunities.

Our database and international business network provides an inspirational and interactive platform for improving society.

IBERA membership is yearly and starting on January 2 and ending December 31.

Benefits of IBERA Membership

⊕ Access to IBERA prestigious network

⊕ Access to IBERA events

⊕ Access to IBERA opportunities

⊕ Access to IBERA fund raising

⊕ Access to IBERA resources

IBERA manage and control  :


IBERA-International Top Business Leaders and Researchers Network

Entrepreneurship Development Center

International Business Schools Alumni Development Center