A Proposed Corporate Social Responsibility Model to Develop a Coherent Sustainability Commitment

Tariq H. Ismail1, Mohamed Adel Elhamy2, Nayera Abdeldayem  Eltamboly3


1-Cairo University, Egypt

2-Tanta University, Egypt

3-Tanta University, Egypt

Corresponding Author : Tariq H. Ismail


This study develops a proposed model based on the Analytical Hierarchical Process model (AHP) and Standard and Poor’s/ Egypt Stock Exchange Environmental, Social and Governance Index (S&P/EGX ESG) to measure and maximize the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) performance. The results confirm that the company that successfully undertakes this model can develop a coherent sustainable disclosure commitment that contributes to a never-ending journey of continuous improvement in the company’s CSR performance. Furthermore, based on the empirical results of the proposed model implemented at SC which is the targeted company used for the case study, we find that this model enables the company to identify, measure and track its CSR performance over three years from 2017 to 2019 and in comparison with the S&P/EGX ESG benchmark at the KPIs level. In addition,  the researchers develop a sustainability outcomes report to reflect the strengths and weaknesses in the current situation of SC. Therefore, it enables the company to transparently communicate the results of its performance in a high-quality report, which finally contributes to the achievement of sustainable development as an end vision.


Keywords: Corporate social responsibility, governance, sustainable development, analytical hierarchical process model, EGX, Egypt

DOI: https://doi.org/10.52856/jcr110001